The main house is a log house in original style. The ground floor offers a room with an open fireplace. This is the room where you would spend most of the time, with a coach, a dining table and an old bed for cat-naps after dinner. The tiny kitchen with refrigerator, cooker, and warm and cold water has a window towards the forest where you might observe cows in summer time and wild animals as foxes, hare, and even elks in wintertime (no guarantee for the elk). On the first floor you find the bedroom section, two rooms with four large beds. Besides the entrance you can enjoy the morning sun from the terrace. In the cozy corner gives a nice shelter and a good view of the valley.

The pit privy is located besides the barn and offers you a spectacular view over the valley of Østre Gausdal towards Lillehammer while you are doing whatever you have to do. On sunny days we recommend an open door policy :-)


Kalstadstua is located 20km from Lillehammer, 350 meters above sea level in the passage between Østre Gausdal and Vestre Gausdal. It is surrounded by a small pasture and some forest offering nature experiences right outside the entrance of the house. Gausdal Vestfjell, an outstanding hiking, fishing, and cross country skiing destination is only a 15min drive away. You can also find the alpine skiing destinations Skeikampen (25min), Hafjell (30min), and Kvitfjell (45min) close by.

Kalstadstua is a former cotter's farm from the 1870's, belonging to Nordre Kalstad. The last permanent habitation here ceased in the 1960's, and the main house was renovated in the late 1970's. Today there are only ruins left of the cow house, but the barn, the woodshed and the storehouse on pillars remains authentic and intact. Buildings